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Experienced, productive consultants embedded in your team

Capable people, processes and tools

We provide experienced and productive people, mature processes and leading edge tools to help our customers win and then manage projects.

Our core services include bid management, project management and project planning, engineering management, contract and subcontract management, and change management.

Whilst we have experience in many industries, we specialise in defence, construction, public transport and security/HVAC.

Flexi-Mesh in kids playground.

We only provide consultants who have reached the top of their field

Experienced, respected, productive

We deliver exceptional staff to your projects. Kencal only employs staff with decades of experience and enviable reputations as respected leaders within the industry – those rare individuals of whom everyone speaks highly.

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Kencal is your source of trusted consultants with the range of professional skills needed to support your team in winning, planning and delivering successful projects.
If this is what you need, call us today and speak directly with one of our experts.

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