Kencal’s Collectors’ App

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Get serious about managing your collection

Whether you collect antiques, stamps, coins, watches, handbags or even Pokemon cards, your collection needs to go to the “next level” once you’ve made some serious investments.

A spin-off from a commercial database that we developed, this FREE App (mobile or PC) allows you to “take your collection in your pocket” …  photographs and other information – right there with you.


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Keep Track

The Collectors App allows you to securely:

  • Graph the Buy Price, Current Market Value and Sell Price for each item in your collection
  • Capture up to 20 photographs of each item
  • Collect and graph “Price Points” for each of your collectables – along with links to screen shots or social media as evidence of each Price Point – to support the Current Market Value that you have assigned to each item
  • Create reports on the value of your collection – great for insurance purposes – and keeping track of increases in the overall value of your collection
  • Select items in your collection that you wish to let other people view
  • Assign one or more “Assistants” to help you manage your collection
  • Export all data from the App at any time

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