The Team

Our Leadership Team

The Friends Behind the Brand

Kencal’s two Directors and co-founders have been working together as a team for over 25 years. During this time they have built a vast network of loyal customers and an array of complementary knowledge and skills that underpin Kencal’s success.

Wayne McGregor

Joint Managing Director

As a Qualified Engineer (Aeronautical/Mechanical) with a Master’s degree in Business, Wayne has over 25 years’ experience in combining technical and business skills in project management, contracts, negotiations and business development.

Having been a senior manager leading “from the front” in some of the world’s top 100 organisations including Boeing, Honeywell, and the Australian Defence Force, Wayne now enjoys working as a consultant who adds depth and experience to your team by leading “from the middle” as a productive team member who also develops your people, divisions and companies. Wayne represents many of his clients in customer-facing roles.

Wayne McGregor - Joint Managing Director

David Jeffs

Joint Managing Director

David is qualified as both a project manager and to Black Belt level in the Six-Sigma business improvement methodology. He is a professional mechanical engineer with 35 years experience in project management, project planning and business improvement. Applying his experience in senior roles in major organisations including Honeywell and the Department of Defence, David brings to the team project management methodology and techniques, extensive project planning experience along with strong business process improvement skills.

David Jeffs – Joint Managing Director

Our Consultants

Experience and industry-wide respect

All Kencal consultants have reached the forefront of their industry and are widely respected. Our clients tend to place Kencal consultants in customer-facing roles, or in distressed projects that face significant challenges.

Our consultants are extraordinary professionals who build trust quickly inside your organisation, and also with your clients, suppliers and stakeholders.

Kencal Consultants

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