Dentists’ Day Book

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Record your Billings and Labs

Many dentists are paid a percentage of their billings each month, less laboratory costs.

In addition to the centralised accounting system run by the surgery, it is good practice for each dentist to keep an independent record in their own day book.

In just a few seconds between patients, you can make a quick note of the billings and labs using this app on your own phone or a PC. You can then run reports for reconciliation of your pay.

A spin-off from a commercial database that we developed, this FREE App (mobile or PC) gives you the peace of mind that comes with cross-checking your payments.

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Simple. Powerful.

The Day Book App allows you to securely:

  • Record the billings and laboratory costs for each patient
  • Annotate each transaction with important payment information such as Payment Plans, DVA and Medicare
  • Flag transactions for investigation
  • Split your records across multiple practices
  • Run reports and filters to give you all the information you need to check your payments
  • Raise free accounts for one or more Assistants to help you manage your Day Book
  • Export all data from the App at any time

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