Bid Management & Proposal Writing

Bid Management

We Know How to Win – and it’s complicated

Winning new business in a competitive tendering environment is an extremely challenging task that few consulting firms will take on, but it is our specialty.

We ensure you put forward the best proposal possible – leveraging your company’s strengths, revealing your competitors’ weaknesses, with clear and consistent communication of the features, benefits and proofs of your solution to maximise scoring against assessment criteria.

Our consultants have won hundreds of millions of dollars worth of tenders for our clients, both large and small.

The processes we use are the same ones employed by the world’s largest companies to win government, civil and defence tenders ranging from small labour contracts through to multi billion dollar defence and space programs. These techniques work equally well, if not better, for small and medium enterprises.

We believe we are the first and only company to use a sophisticated database for managing the complexities of mega-bids. This database is available to all your team members (desktop and mobile app), tracking the outcomes of workshops and strategy sessions, allowing managers and strategists to flow down assessment criteria, themes and sound bites to writers, keeping writers and contributors aware of their tasks, and enabling your people to report on progress. This tool has allowed us to effectively manage Bid Teams comprising more than 200 people to develop proposals interwoven with consistent and controlled messaging, win themes, ghosting statements, features, benefits and proofs of meeting assessment criteria.

We tailor our service to meet your needs

We provide:

  • Proposal Writing Services in all sectors
  • Document printing and submission, including electronic submission required by some government departments
  • Guidance and advice so that you can do most of the work yourself
  • All your final documents are provided in MS Word and Excel so that you can use them yourself on the next proposal – we don’t lock ourselves in to your process

For larger tenders and businesses

Needing a more strategic approach?

Other ways we can assist you in conducting campaigns to win specific opportunities:

  • producing detailed themes and overall structures for the proposal
  • assessing competitor’s likely strategies, strengths and weaknesses
  • developing ghosting themes for competitor’s strengths and exploitation themes for their weaknesses
  • develop Risk Management Plans for the new business/contract
  • develop draft Project Management Plans for the targeted project
  • aid with pricing and estimating
  • write key parts of the actual proposal
  • we use a sophisticated database for managing your bid team to ensure all of the above activities are coordinated

After your company is awarded the tender, we can help you to “keep it sold” during the contract negotiation process, whilst minimising your contractual exposure

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